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Filtering by Tag: Saul Alinsky

Obama's Presidential Portrait: Telling Us What We Already Knew

Vox Catholica

This past Monday, former (thank God) President Obama unveiled his portrait at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C., and for the first time I feel like we're getting a little bit of honesty from our former President.

Now, I'm no art critic, but since the New York Times asked for the public’s opinion, I'll gladly give mine.


First up in my list of observations is the obvious departure from "tradition" that Obama's portrait represents. Instead of portraying the president as a regal figure, a leader, or a dignified human being, this portrait has the former President bizarrely posed in front of a wall of greenery. The artist (who we'll get to in a minute) has said in interviews that the shrubbery represents the President's native origins: Hawaii, Kenya and Chicago... This "interpretation" is not the first thing that came to my mind, but maybe I'm not sophisticated enough to make the connection. Frankly, I thought it was marijuana, which may have been more appropriate for this president anyway.

The portrait is going to stick out like a sore thumb at the National Portrait Gallery, much like Obama's presidency itself, and I'm half tempted to buy a plane ticket to Washington, just to see how tacky it looks next to the scores of portraits made by good artists. 

This brings me to my second observation, that the President chose the artist, Kehinde Wiley, to make a statement, a statement that I'm picking up loud and clear: "To heck with you, whitey!" The artist has actually been quoted talking about this as a message interwoven in his artwork. In an interview with New York Magazine, he said "It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing..."

Kehinde Wiley is known for his rejection of "White Supremacist" artwork a.k.a. artwork depicting "white men" such as Jesus, the saints, Napoleon etc.), by taking these portraits and replacing them with black men instead. What's more is his particular anti-Catholic and anti-Christian bent, which much of his artwork portrays.

Wiley's work is frequently blasphemous, replacing the Our Lord, Our Lady and Saint Ursula, and others with random black people he pulls in from the streets to model for him.

So what does this mean for us? Well, this really just confirms what we already knew about Barrack Hussein Obama: he hates us. Europeans, Christians, Catholics, straight cisgendered white males are all the scum of society for Obama, and the Greater Left for that matter.

We constantly hear about the rise in racism, homophobia, transphobia, hate groups, the Alt-Right, etc. here in America, but we never confront the cause of it: the ideologies brought to us by the Frankfurt school (namely Critical Race Theory and Critical Gender Theory) and the people who have injected them into the mainstream, such as Saul Alinsky, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama.

As Catholics, we cannot just laugh at the ridiculousness of the Left anymore. We cannot shy away from identifying the very real racism against whites, being spread by groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the greater Democratic Party. We cannot turn a blind eye to the destruction of Western Civilization any longer, because we are on the brink. 

When a former president of the United States flaunts his anti-White racism and anti-Catholic bias, by choosing an artist who frequently depicts black women holding the severed heads of white women, who replaces our Blessed Mother (the Bearer of the Divinity) with a random black person, we need to wake up. We cannot allow these Cultural Marxists to continue the destruction of our country from within.

USCCB Caught Funding Cult of Death: "Catholic Campaign for Human Development" is Radical-Left Money Machine

Vox Catholica

There has been absolutely no shortage of ridiculous, sad, and completely off the wall news coming out of the "Novus Ordo" world this week:

First up: Homosexualist Jesuit Priest, James Martin, began promoting a new "Yoga Ignatian" retreat at the Jesuit Center in Milford, Ohio. Because when the novelty of build your own liturgies wears out, it's time for DIY blended spirituality! Buddhism, splashed with a little paganism, and shaken up with modernist humanism is all the rage now. (See: John Vennari on the New Paganism.

Next on our agenda: Pope Francis said that people who Fear the Lord (a Gift of the Holy Ghost) have a "mistaken image of God." He continued, stating that if we fear God "our lives cannot be fruitful, because we will live in fear and this will not lead us to anything constructive." 

And last but not least: "Cultural Diversity in the Church" committee chair, Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, called Deportation a "sin crying to Heaven for vengeance." Last time I checked, there are only 4 sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance, and deporting criminals & illegal aliens isn't one of them. This is of course an attempt at moralizing illegal immigration for the political ends of bringing in more Democrat Voters, and the economic ends of filling the church coffers on Sunday. Steve Bannon was right...

Speaking of immigrants, sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance, and Bishop Jamie Soto... On top of spouting nonsense about immigration policy and diversity quotas, Bishop Soto also heads up the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. The campaign is marketed as a "domestic anti-poverty program," whereby the CCHD "works to break the cycle of poverty by helping people, help themselves."

Instead of relying on the social and economic teaching of Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum, and coordinating a national movement against the sin of Usury (which is enshrined in the American economy via the Federal Reserve Bank), these wolves in sheep's clothing are taking money from Sunday collection plates, and putting it right into the pockets of our enemies: Radical, Alinskyite, Community Organizing, Alt-Leftists.

Just a quick peruse through the list published by the USCCB and you start to get the feeling that this has less to do with helping the poor, and more to do with helping pink-hat wearing Social Justice Warriors. The Lepanto Institute took more than a cursory peruse through the recipients of the USCCB's CCHD beneficiaries. Thanks to their hard work, they have helped decode this list of Community Organizers, and shown them for what they really are: part and parcel with the homosexualist, abortionist, cult of death. 

Take a look at what they found:

Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition – CCHD grant of $60,000

•Previous report indicated that NWBCCC runs a youth program called Sistas and Brothas United whose web presence shows support for homosexuality and Marxism.

•Recent investigations reveal that Sistas and Brothas United (a project of NBCCC) is still engaged in homosexuality activism

•Recent investigations show that Fernando Carlo, the current leader of Sistas and Brothas United, is a participant in the communist-run Left Forum.

Merced Organizing Project – CCHD grant of $25,000

•MOP’s Community Organizer is a homosexuality activist.

•MOP is working with Planned Parenthood in a joint healthcare project to “identify existing preventive service options and existing models used to provide these services.”

Hmong American Farmers Association – CCHD grant of $70,000

•The founder and executive director of HAFA actively promotes abortion and same-sex “marriage.”

Harriet Tubman Center – CCHD grant of $65,000

•HTC funded homosexual activism in Honduras.

•HTC is a founding member of the Michigan Organizing Collaborative, whose policy director has publicly lambasted Catholic bishops for their effort to ensure Religious Liberty by opposing the Obama contraceptive mandate.

•HTC has intimate ties with and participated in the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Michigan Summit.

WeCount! – CCHD grant of $35,000

•Endorsed the Unity Blueprint for Immigration Reform, which specifically states support for homosexual relationships.

•Is a member of the pro-homosexual National Day Laborer’s Organizing Network, which created the Unity Blueprint.

Parent Voices – CCHD grant of $55,000

•Parent Voices sponsored the screening of “La Mission,” a homosexual propaganda movie, which was viewed at an LGBT center.

•Parent Voices boasts its membership on the Coordinating Committee (the decision making body) of the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual California Partnership.

Food AND Medicine – CCHD grant of $55,000

•Member of “Maine Can Do Better” coalition that promotes contraceptive use.

•Affiliate of Jobs with Justice coalition, a Marxist, Pro-abortion, Pro-LGBT organization.

•Member of Interfaith Worker Justice coalition a socialist organization.

Pioneer Valley Project – CCHD grant of $55,000

•Affiliate of pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, Marxist Jobs With Justice.

Massachusetts Senior Action Council – CCHD grant of $50,000

•Member of MASS-CARE – a coalition that advocates for birth control and “reproductive health care.”

•Member of Community Works – a coalition of 33 groups which raises funds for pro-abortion and pro-homosexual organizations.

•Affiliate of pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, Marxist Jobs With Justice.

Kennebec Valley Organization – CCHD grant of $45,000

•A partner with Engage Maine, a coalition which collected signatures for pro-same-sex-marriage.

•Member of “Maine Can Do Better” coalition that promotes contraceptive use.

New Labor Education & Training Institute, Inc. – CCHD grant of $40,000

•Member of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement that advocates homosexual rights in immigration laws.

•Member of the pro-homosexual National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

•Affiliate of the Marxist-run Interfaith Worker Justice.

Atlantans Building Leadership and Empowerment – CCHD grant of $45,000

•Affiliate of the Gamaliel Foundation, which supplied false information to National CCHD about its relationship with the Fair Immigration Reform movement.

•Member of Human Rights Atlanta, which promotes homosexual rights.

•Affiliate of pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, Marxist Jobs With Justice.

The USCCB's Catholic Campaign for Human Development is, objectively speaking, evil. At what point do we begin to admit to ourselves that these bishops are actively seeking to destroy not only the Church, but also entire nation states, economies, ethnicities and extinguish the Light of Faith wherever they can. How long will these diabolically disoriented (at best) Bishops continue to try to run God's Holy Church for the sole purpose of benefiting Marxists, Leftists and Homosexuals? These bishops are running the Church for everyone under the sun, except the Son, in Whom, for Whom, and by Whom the Catholic Church was founded.

"How long, O Lord, shall I cry, and thou wilt not hear? shall I cry out to thee suffering violence, and thou wilt not save? Why hast thou shewn me iniquity and grievance, to see rapine and injustice before me? and there is a judgment, but opposition is more powerful. Therefore the law is torn in pieces, and judgment cometh not to the end: because the wicked prevaileth against the just, therefore wrong judgment goeth forth." - Habakkuk 1:2-4