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Buen Suceso Conferences Part VI: The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana - Pt. I

Vox Catholica

This is the first conference where Fr. Adam Purdy begins to unpack the life and times of the Spanish Mystic, Mariana de Jesus Torres, the Conceptionist visionary in Quito, Ecuador.

Born around 1562, Mariana de Jesus Torres lived a life of extreme holiness and advanced prayer from a young age. Father shares with us the stories from her life, from the time when she was greeted with a vision of Jesus who prepared her for her first Holy Communion, up to the first apparitions of Maria del Buen Suceso de la Purificacion.

This is the first of two parts on the Admirable Life of Mother Mariana which covers events from 1562 through Mariana's imprisonment by the leader of the Rebellious Sisters "La Capitana," where Our Lady gave Mariana the opportunity to suffer the torments of hell in order to save her soul.

The second video on the life of Mother Mariana, will be released soon and will cover the events of her life from the year 1600 up to her death in 1635.

Buen Suceso Conferences Part V: The Origin of The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana

Vox Catholica

The Fifth installment of the Buen Suceso conference series, given by Fr. Adam Purdy in Quito Ecuador during the novena leading up to the Feast of the Purification, discusses how it is that we have come to know the details of the Life of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torrez, a Conceptionist Nun who saw and spoke with the Blessed Virgin Mary late in the 16th and early in the 17th Centuries.

Father Purdy lays out for us the story of how the initial manuscript of The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana was written in 1790 by Fr. Manuel Sousa Pereira, and the incredible story of how the life of Mother Mariana has been transmitted to us over 220 years later.

Fr. Purdy also discusses the history of the city of Quito, Ecuador, the history of the Franciscan Conceptionists, and the nature of Marian apparitions, and how they are scrutinized and approved by competent authorities.

Buen Suceso Conferences Part III: The Value of the Religious Life

Vox Catholica

In order to fully understand the message of Our Lady of Buen Suceso, it is important for us to understand the tremendous value of the Religious and Monastic life. In this conference, Father Purdy explains the Evangelical Counsels, the nature of Consecrated Life, how Religious Vows systematically uproot sin, and how just one cloistered nun can have an impact on the conversion of sinners.

Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres allowed herself to become a victim soul for the 20th century, and sacrifice herself for the preservation of the Faith in this time of apostasy in the Catholic Church. Drawing on the works of Dom Chautard, Abbot Marmion O.S.B. and Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange and Fr. Antonio Royo Marin O.P., Fr. Purdy unpacks the meaning of the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, and how the religous life is an integral part to the solution to the Crisis in the Catholic Church Today.

Additional Resources:

Theology of Christian Perfection

The Soul of the Apostolate

Buen Suceso Conferences Part I: The Title of Our Lady

Vox Catholica

This is the first in a series of conferences by Fr. Adam Purdy on the significance and the meaning of the apparitions of Maria del Buen Suceso de la Purification to Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres in Quito Ecuador.

This first conference aims to clarify the significance of the title of Our Lady, as it was given to Mother Mariana in 1610. Father shows how this title of Our Lady is intimately linked to the Religious Life, the Priesthood, and the sacrifice made by the Blessed Virgin Mary in the temple, when she offered her Divine Son unto the death of the cross.

Conferences 1 and 2 fit hand in glove, so be sure to subscribe to the channel and click the notification bell to get a notification as soon as we publish the next conference!

Maria del Buen Suceso de la Purificación 2019: Pilgrimage Report

Vox Catholica

The feast of the Purification was very special in Quito, Ecuador this year. For the Fiesta of Maria del Buen Suceso de la Purificación, the Archbishop of Quito, His Grace Fausto Gabriel Travez and the Franciscan Friars led the procession for the first time in living memory. Watch the video to find out more!

Photo Gallery: 9 Day Novena to Maria del Buen Suceso de la Purification

Vox Catholica

When the feast of Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso de la Purificación was established by Bishop Salvador de Ribera in 1611, he said:

“I command that a novena of preparation should be made…”

“Each day of the novena, you should arrange to have instructive sermons preached in the church to the people about the grandeur and virtue of Our Lady so that God and His Blessed Mother will be better known. Your Reverence should invite priests and friars from all the monasteries for this purpose.” - The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana vol. 2 p.77

The devotion to Our Lady of Buen Suceso of the Purification was intended specifically for our time - the 20th century. In the interim between the 16th and 17th centuries when Our Lady appeared to Mariana de Jesus Torres, and today, this devotion was largely forgotten by a great number of people, and went unknown in most of the world, until the 20th century. As a result, this novena has laid dormant until the past decade when priests and faithful from all around the world rekindled this devotion.

Bishop Salvador de Ribera

Bishop Salvador de Ribera

The original novena, as prescribed by Bishop de Ribera, called for the religious communities to preach on the spiritual life and the importance of religious vocations. The revival of this novena has taken a new form: each day at 5:00 am, priests and pilgrims process with a smaller statue of Our Lady of Buen Suceso and Mariana de Jesus Torres, to various religious houses, convents, monasteries and churches. This year, pilgrims brought the statue and the message of Our Lady of Buen Suceso of the Purification to the Augustinian Missionaries, the Carmelites, Sisters of Providence, the Jesuits, the Mercedarians, the Augustinian Sisters, the Dominican Sisters, the Sisters of Charity, the Clarisas, the Oblate Fathers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and the Franciscans.

The pilgrims who came from America, Canada, Austraila, Mexico, Switzerland, Triniadad, Poland, Chile, Argentina and all over the world. They came in a spirit of prayer and penance, with profound love for the Blessed Mother, to pray for the Church in this time of crisis.

Below are some photographs taken throughout this year’s 9 day novena.

Photo Gallery: Franciscans of Quito - Reunited with Our Lady of Buen Suceso

Vox Catholica

As many people heard, this celebration of Maria del Buen Suceso de la Purificación was very special this year for a number of reasons. First of all, this is the first time during his tenure as Archbishop of Quito, that His Grace Gabriel Fausto Trávez Trávez attended the celebrations. His Grace made his first appearance on the evening of January 23rd, when he came to the Convent of the Immaculate Conception to witness the transportation of the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Buen Suceso of the Purification to the main altar.

Archbishop Fausto Gabriel Travez

Archbishop Fausto Gabriel Travez

Archbishop Fausto Trávez is a former Franciscan, and the Conceptionist Sisters are a part of the Franciscan Order as well, since they adhere to the Rule of Saint Claire. What is even more significant is that the Franciscan Friars of Quito, for the first time in decades, preformed the task of carrying the miraculous image of Our Lady down from the Upper Choir of the convent and placed her onto the main altar, where she is venerated by pilgrims from all around the world.

This is an important occurrence, because the task of transporting the image of Our Lady of Buen Suceso was mandated by Bishop Salvador de Ribera (1605-1611) to be done only by the priests and religious. This is stated explicitly in the book The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana Vol. 2 p. 76:

“I will begin the solemn procession through the lower cloisters of the Convent and end in the upper choir where the holy Statue will be enthroned so that there she might govern this Convent and watch of the people in general. She will be carried by Franciscan and Mercedarian religious, who will alternate through the course of the procession with clerics and other religious. The only ones who will be allowed to enter the cloisters for this procession will be the priests and the Marquesa, who, as godmother, has received a special dispensation to enter. The people may return to see the holy Statue on February 2 of next year, for henceforth she will be carried out by the priests only for the days of her novena and feast day and then will be returned by the priests to the cloisters.

To see the transportation of the miraculous statue, being performed by the Franciscans as traditionally prescribed by Bishop de Ribera was truly a great grace to see. There was almost an electricity in the air, especially among the locals of Quito, who for the first time in their lives witnessed their own clergy preforming this sacred and solemn task.

Please enjoy some of the photos we took showcasing the solemn installation, the Rosary Procession of the Dawn, as well as the retiring of the miraculous image of Our Lady of Buen Suceso:

Photo Gallery: Fiesta de la Purification in Quito, Ecuador - February 2nd

Vox Catholica

This year in Quito, Ecuador, Archbishop Fausto Gabriel Trávez Trávez, the current Archbishop of Quito, for the first time ever joined in the Fiesta de la Purificación and the Dawn Rosary Procession on February 2nd.

This was also the first time in decades that the Franciscans of the Convent of San Francisco de Quito led the Dawn Rosary procession through the streets of Quito the morning of February 2nd.

Below are some of the photos of this historic moment.

To read more about Maria del Buen Suceso de la Purificación, click here for an article written by Fr. Adam Purdy.