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Michael Davies: Is The SSPX In Schism? A Refutation of Dr. E. Michael Jones

Vox Catholica

In this audio tape, renowned Catholic author of "The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber," "The Liturgical Revolution," "Apologia pro Marcel LeFebvre," "Partisans of Error (on Modernism)" and many other books, refutes the allegations that the Society of Saint Pius X is in Schism.

Michael Davies argues against another renowned Catholic scholar and publisher Dr. E. Michael Jones. Dr. Jones has published insightful and groundbreaking books such as "Dionysius Rising," "Libido Dominandi," "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit," "The Slaughter of Cities, Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing," and currently publishes "Culture Wars" magazine.

This "Debate" is a wealth of information about the SSPX, and showcases Michael Davies' knowledge of the Catholic Church.