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Fr. John O'Connor: The Marxist Destruction of Western Civilization

Vox Catholica

In this talk, Fr. John O'Connor O.P. lays out the destruction, subversion and infiltration of Western Governments by revolutionary Marxists and communists.

Father O'Connor discusses the foundation of the Federal Reserve, the destructive power of usury, and the takeover of our government by Radical Leftists.

Father John O’Conner was a Dominican priest, born in Chicago in 1929. He studied at Notre Dame University and joined the Order of Preachers in 1949. He obtained degrees in philosophy and theology, and was ordained to the Catholic priesthood in San Francisco in 1955. He taught in Catholic colleges in Madison, Wisconsin and Austin, Texas from 1955 to 1966. He was associate pastor in New Orleans from 1966-1969, and since then, as a Dominican preacher, he has travelled over 300,000 miles over the United States and Canada giving missions and retreats to the laity.

Bishop Tissier: On Marriage and The Family - 1992

Vox Catholica

This is an INCREDIBLE and previously un-published talk of Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais given in Ridgefield Connecticut on July 10, 1992 about the Christian Family and Education.

Since the family is the basic building block of society, without strong families, we will not have strong societies. 

The good Bishop speaks of the great Islamic Replacement happening in Western Countries (and many years before this became a main-stream talking point) and warns that if Christians do not have big families, we will lose our societies. 

Here are some notable quotations:

2:30 And so what the Conciliar Church no longer wants, and what the Conciliar Church has excommunicated, is not only the true bishops and the true priests, it is not only the Mass of Tradition, but it is all the bastions of the Catholic Faith.  I quote only the words of Cardinal Ratzinger… Several years ago Cardinal Ratzinger said with Hans Urs Von Balthazar, a heretical theologian, “we must say the must urgent thing today is the demolition of the bastions” he said. A cardinal. “The dismantling of the bastions”. And what are these bastions, the bastions of the catholic faith? The bastions of Catholicism? They are the Catholic Family, Catholic Schools, Catholic Churches, Catholic Mass, Catholic Catechisms, Catholic Civil Laws, Catholic Governments, and finally Catholic States. On the contrary, we are for these bastions. It is a mission of the priestly society of Saint Pius the X, to rebuild these bastions of the Catholic Faith. To rebuild these destroyed bastions of the Catholic Faith. And we have begun with the Catholic Mass and the Priesthood 22, 23 years ago in Switzerland with Archbishop LeFebvre. We have continued with our chapels, seminaries naturally, with our priories, because the priests must live a life of community… But this work would be totally useless if it is not continued with catholic families and catholic schools.

11:45 The Catholic Family is normally, if god allows it, permits it, the large family. A family with many children. Christian England, Christian France, Christian America, must not die for want of children. Must not die Islamized, oh yes. This is a great danger in France especially, and also in your country (America) to die Islamized. Because the only families with many children are Traditionalist families, and Islamic families. It is so in France. And so the Conciliar race is an endangered species. Deo Gratias, I would say. But it is dangerous, the Islamic people are very many, naturally. So only Tradition, only strong convictions are fruitful.

It is a fact that demonstrate it. Liberalism, Conciliarism, lead to sterility. They are sterile. The fruits of Vatican II, it is childless families, dead families. And especially the root of the problem is the new conception of marriage given by Vatican II. It is in Vatican II!

35:34 It is very sad to see the new type of christian family. Husband, wife, a boy and a girl. It is the typical family. A typical modern family. Television everywhere, with the advertising. A husband a wife, and a boy and a girl. It is false! Once I was driving my car and before me was another car. On the front seat was Mr. DuPont and Mrs. DuPont, you know, and on the back seat, was the dog. The model of the new Christian family. Of the Conciliar family. Mr., Mrs., and the dog. What an awful idea of marriage.

39:14 People marry, and especially in the Conciliar families, and also in the non-Catholic families, people marry and say “we will have two children, and only two children!” And if they say this, with a real will of doing so, this marriage is invalid. Invalid. They have no right to limit the number of their children. To limit so rigorously without any grave reason, makes this invalid.

40:05 …Even if we must be criticized, be mocked, be laughed at in the streets… “What is this family with 7, 10, 15 children? How ridiculous! What a scandal!” Even if we must be pointed out and called insane and mad by these grave diggers of marriage and family.

41:20 Homosexuality and Civil Unions…

48:00 With Vatican II and the [doctrine of] religious liberty; “with all false religions” said Archbishop LeFebvre, “bring with themselves immorality”. In the Islamic religion, it is well known that one husband can have up to 5 wives. It is allowed. And also, protestant denominations do not recognize the indissolubility of marriage. Many people who are our “separated brethren” say “we get married, but if it does not work, we have the possibility of divorce.” It is this saying that makes of this marriage, and invalid marriage also. Invalid. To marry with the idea of divorcing if it doesn’t work. It is invalid. So dear friends, let’s have the true idea of marriage. And let us react against these awful dangers that threaten the Christian marriage. Let us fight against these grave diggers of marriage. 

50:28 Catholic People need Catholic laws, and Catholic government. And here in America, why could that not be the case? In some states in America, there is almost a majority of Catholics. Why could it not exist a catholic state? And Catholic laws, that is laws which encourage the religion, marriage, the family, schools. Yes? We must fight for this ideal of the Catholic State. The reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the political life. In the social life. You must understand, our lord must not reign only in the churches and in the sacristies, no. He must reign everywhere. In society, in the politics, through our laws which correspond to the gospel. This is normal. It is our fight. Our Catholic Fight.

March For Life Vs. Women's March 2018

Vox Catholica

In the 1980's and 90's, people envisioned the future with flying cars, colonies on Mars, technological advancements of all sorts; but instead, in [the current year] we are still fighting for the most basic of all things. The right to life.

I'm not particularly big on "human rights" since most of what is considered a "right" today is a novelty that has come about since the Declaration of the Rights of Man (one of the most anti-God, anti-Catholic, anti-Human documents ever issued), but anybody who is not concerned with the autogenocide of a nation and the murder of tens of millions of innocent children is a disordered individual indeed.

According to there have been 60,121,679 (at the time of writing) abortions in the United states since 1973; 18,036,504 of which are black children alone.

But wait, Lefties, I thought #BlackLivesMatter?

The truth about Roe v. Wade is that it was a setup. Norma McCorvey (aka "Jane Roe") never had an abortion, and was used by a pair of activist anti-life lawyers named Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee in order to make abortions obtainable basically on-demand. McCorvey (Roe) later came to regret the role that she played in the Supreme Court case and actually became a Catholic, and an activist for the pro-Life movement.

The combination of abortion-on-demand, a flood of pornographic programming on television, widespread contraception, the devaluation of marriage, feminism, women in the work force, etc., have all led to what is now a record low birth rate in America: 62.0 births per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44. This number is SHOCKINGLY low, and ultimately is unsustainable for any nation, as the birth rate must be at least 2.1 children per woman in order to sustain a nation's population, let alone grow it. (Now do you understand why the Left wants to flood us with immigrants and Muslims? Muslims, by the way, are averaging around 8 children per woman. Let that sink in.)

So, in an effort to reverse this downward spiral of murder, corruption, and demographics in free-fall, the March For Life has become a serious movement in the United States.

Year after year, the March for life has grown, and I must say it is truly an encouraging thing to see.

But here lies the rub: Main Stream Media (MSM) sources were reporting that the march comprised around 50,000-100,000 people. Does that look like only 50,000 people to you? Having been at the March for Life on multiple occasions, and having been at other massive demonstrations and rallies, I would put a closer estimate on the attendance of this rally somewhere north of 300,000 people or more, but no matter how big the rally is, the lying press will never report it fairly.

As a matter of fact, while I was checking Twitter on Friday, I actually saw #MarchForLife trending, only to be taken down and replaced with some leftist talking point after about 30 minutes. This anti-life censorship has taken place before, with various pro-life groups accusing Twitter of censoring their Tweets calling it "hate content", something which we have more or less confirmed with the latest investigation from Project Veritas, which has revealed that Twitter engineers actively censor users who tweet about "God, Guns and America."

Contrast this with #WomensMarch2018 which trended on Twitter in the #1 position for over 12 hours yesterday, with the most vapid, vacuous, insane, and grotesque looking protestors shouting and clamoring for abortion-on-demand, women's "rights", and of course un-fettered immigration and legalization of the Dreamers & DACA kids (illegal aliens), and a permanent state of "Chain Migration" to the United States.

The Women's March was held not only in Washington D.C., but all across America, women donned their stupid pink hats and marched in Portland, Los Angeles , Boston, Austin, New York City, San Francisco... The list goes on and on, and quite frankly, they had more numbers.

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but when millions of Leftist women (and their beta-male boyfriends) are taking to the streets chanting "give us Barabbas" and linking arms with the most Revolutionary political groups in the country, it's hard to sit back and excuse our own inaction.

Too often we believe God will come down from Heaven in His mercy and save us from the hordes of these un-washed radical left-wing masses. Too often we turn our eyes away from things which we find disturbing and retreat into the solace and sanctuary of our own homes. Too often have we spent our days tending to our spiritual well-being to the neglect and detriment of our well being in the social and political world.

It's time for this to stop.

It's time to band together, to get active, to network, to organize, to oppose these anti-Christian hordes with prayer AND action with the knowledge that when we fight, "Gott mit uns." God is with us.

We elected Donald Trump (even with all of his flaws) in an effort to throw a speed bump at the revolutionaries, and for now it seems to have worked. He has been rolling back funding for abortion groups, including defunding abortions in Mexico, as well as instating new legislation that will supposedly allow people to "follow their religious conscience" which, while not Catholic, is certainly a step in the right direction.

If you haven't seen his historic speech at the March for Life this year, I'd recommend watching it.