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Confirmations With Bishop Fellay 2018 - St. James Church - Pittsburgh


Confirmations With Bishop Fellay 2018 - St. James Church - Pittsburgh

Vox Catholica

“The Sacrament of Confirmation is one of the most impressive sacraments. Difficult, because we don't have much under the senses. The Holy Ghost is different, He's a pure spirit. To Him was entrusted the work of our sanctification, and especially in the Sacrament of Confirmation we see that He sent to us to be our consoler, our defender our protector. He makes of us soldiers of Christ, imprinting in our soul the character of confirmation by which we are associated to the mission of saving souls in this fight: defending the Faith protecting the Church.

“The other effect of the confirmation are the gifts of the Holy Ghost. Very, very special capacities by which we are made docile to the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. He really wants to make us grow.

“These are the words of St. Paul from shining, from clarity to clarity, in the image of the Son of God. He really wants to transform us into children of God. His masterpiece was our Lord Jesus Christ; His humanity, and He wants to do the same with us. He's the one who is putting in us these feelings of a son of a child towards his father. In fact whenever we say “father” to God, it's always with Him, in Him. And we see how close He wants to be with us. He really wants to make out of us masterpieces for God.

“And so, you have different parts in the Confirmation. First the Bishop is asking for these gifts imposing the hands like the Apostles did from the very start of the history of the church. And then you have the Confirmation its self. The young or older come to the bishop accompanied by their sponsors. And the bishop is anointing their forehead with holy chrism saying these words "I sign you with the sign of the Cross and I confirm you with the chrism of salvation," and he says in which name does that: "in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost."

“It's very short words, but very mighty. They are vested by the might of God Himself. And so these words they affect, make real, what they mean. And when we say "sign of the sign of the Cross" the soul is marked with the character of Confirmation. "Confirm you with this chrism of salvation” and the soul is strengthened, with all this increase, this tremendous increase in Sanctifying Grace, in all the virtues and the gifts, the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost.

“It's so beautiful, it shows us how intimate God wants to be with us. In heaven it will be so, but He wants it to start here on earth. Of course it's more difficult you know, because we are in the regime of the faith, faith which is like a veil, who's hiding us, like the clouds are hiding the Sun. Nevertheless, we know that it's real; that there is a Sun if even if we are under the cover, and the same with the Faith, we know that it's real.

“God is real.

“And His gifts and His bounties, mercy but we don't see right now. Nevertheless and once again it's true; it's the reality to which we are called already here on earth in order to go to Heaven.”

+ Bishop Bernard Fellay