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Notre Dame Burns, Europe Is Invaded and the Archbishop Speaks

Vox Catholica

The Destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral

Yesterday, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the symbol of the heart of Catholic France and a symbol of Christian Civilization, burned nearly to the ground. A sanctuary of God, that stood for nearly 850 years, more than 3 times older than the United States of America is now gone…

We are being led to believe that this historic church that survived countless wars, both World Wars, and even the French Revolution, has burnt down because of an accident related to renovations it was currently undergoing.

We are also supposed to believe that this church, which for centuries was illumined by candlelight amidst the robes and lace of the clergy, has finally succumbed to flames in this age of technology, fire resistant measures, and advanced firefighting capabilities… Ok.

While we await word from the French Government (who would would never lie to it’s citizens) as to the origins of this devastating fire, there are two points I believe all Westerners and Christians should meditate upon.

Firstly would be the rise in anti-Catholic animus, especially in France. Over the past few years, this year in particular, we have seen a “25 percent increase in attacks on Catholic churches in the first two months of the year, compared with the same time last year” according to the Council of European Bishops Conferences (CEBC). In an article embedded below by Newsweek, sharing the findings of the CEBC, Newsweek makes sure to tell us that ”officials don’t know why” this is happening.

The Newsweek article talks about Saint Sulpice church in Paris which was recently lit ablaze by arsonists according to The Sun.

What is interesting to note, is that while Newsweek magazine has no idea why there has been a rise in anti-Catholic vandalism and arson in Europe, they make the connection between the Dan Brown novel (later adapted to a feature film) the DaVinci Code. What Newsweek won’t tell you, however, is that this novel and especially the movie, is dripping with anti-Catholic animus, painting the church as “oppressive,” “patriarchal” and downright evil.

This novel, and Hollywood movie, are of course par for the course, along with a slew of anti-Catholic movies written by Cosmopolitan Hollywood Media Elites, with the specific purpose of defaming the Catholic Church, and ultimately working towards it’s destruction. They’ve been largely successful. Not to mention the liberal takeover of the Catholic Church by means of Infiltration, and subversion by Communists, Sodomites, and those allied with the Traditional Enemies of Jesus Christ.

Europe Invaded

A second reason for this anti-Catholic animus is, of course the importation of an ancient hatred towards Catholics, by Muslims, who for years kidnapped, enslaved, raped and murdered Christians, for professing their faith In Jesus Christ.

Westerners have seen a shift over the past 50-100 years, away from discreet, culturally rich and vibrant societies, cities and nations, towards the neo-Liberal ideology of Multiculturalism, religious pluralism, and the creation of heterogeneous cities, where once upon a time peoples, cultures, and most importantly Christianity could flourish and achieve it’s fullest expression in public life.

This multiculturalism, coupled along with a never-ending propaganda stream from Hollywood promoting birth control, abortion and sexual liberation has led to the decline in birthrates, prompting Globalist politicians to seek new peoples to prop up the decline in population. These Leftist elites have chosen to import predominantly Islamic people from countries terrorized by the Western Democracies for the past 50 years.

This agenda has been called “The Great Replacement” by activists in the Western World.

What could go wrong?

As recently as 2016, a woman co-ordinating with a group of Muslims to blow up a car filled with gas canisters with the intention of Detonating it near the Notre-Dame cathedral was arrested, and she was recently sentenced to only 8 years of prison.

And again, in 2017 a man armed with a hammer and knives attacked a police officer and several people at the Cathedral of Notre Dame, before being shot by the wounded police officer. In a story by Fox News, the French Government has placed Paris “under high security after a string of Islamic extremist attacks in recent years.”

The Archbishop Has Spoken

For those of us who have been aware for some time of this great Civilization crisis affecting what were once Christian nations, one name towers above all the rest: Archbishop Marcel LeFebvre.

Archbishop LeFebvre was a bulwark against the Liberal and Modernist reforms of the Second Vatican Council. He stood up against the departure from the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church in both faith and morals, and especially with regards to Religious Liberty, Ecumenism and the Democratization of the Church (Collegiality). He preserved the Traditional Mass, something which every other Traditional Catholic Religious Order (FSSP, ICK, IBP) owes to him…

What is not well known outside of die-hard devotees of Archbishop LeFebvre, is the Archbishop was a co-member of the Holy Ghost Fathers, along with Father Denis Fahey, whose works on the Social Kingship of Christ the King is by far, the most comprehensive in the history of the Catholic Church. Because of this socially activist stance held by the Archbishop, he spoke out relatively early in this Multicultural social turmoil and warned us all against it:

For his loving warning against these social errors, the Archbishop was ruthlessly slandered by the media (Fake News isn’t new) as a Racist and an Anti-Semite for saying “the best  [thing] for the Moslems [to do] would be to go back home.” He added that, in France, the Moslems are going “to impose their laws little by little. Christian law cannot be in accord with Islamic law... Moslems cannot be Catholic, they cannot be truly French. We must not allow them to organize themselves politically or religiously. The construction of mosques is a catastrophe!” Turning towards the journalists, His Grace added: “It will be your wives, your daughters, your children, who will be kidnapped and taken away to hidden living quarters in Casablanca.”

For his trouble and his care for the church, his homeland, and the Christian Civilization that once was, of which we are heirs, the Archbishop was cast aside. Nevertheless his words are already echoing out of the recent past, to haunt us living through this present hell.

Included below are the Archbishop’s remarks about the Media, and the importation of this anti-Christian, anti-European ideology to the West. Let us look to Archbishop LeFebvre as a man devoted to Truth, the common good, and the preservation of Christian Civilization as we collectively begin the task of restoring Jesus Christ as the King and Center of not only our Hearts and Homes, but also our Nations.


Invoking the laws of July 29, 1981, and July 1, 1977, 1 am accused firstly of the crime of provocation to discrimination, to hatred or to racial violence with respect to a group of persons on account of their origin or their belonging to a particular ethnic group, nation, race or religion.

Secondly, of the crime of public defamation with respect to this group... I am supposed to have pronounced these provocative and defamatory words when I held a press conference at the Crillon Hotel on November 14, 1989. I affirm firstly that I did not hold a press conference. I had nothing written and I made no declaration. I only wanted to reply to the journalists’ questions on the occasion of the ceremony for the 60th anniversary of my Priestly Ordination at the Bourget.

You must admit that Moslem immigration had no special reason to be brought up on this occasion. The least one can say is that my reply was not pre‑meditated. I therefore replied very freely, giving my opinion of the danger of Islamic penetration into a country whose Catholic religion is violently rejected and despised by Islam. The Koran, which is the law of Islam, provokes to discrimination, to hatred and to violence. Do not attribute to me that which I denounce.

The proofs of this hatred and of this violence are legion both in the past and in the present.

For as long as Moslems are an insignificant minority in a Christian country they can live in a friendly way, because they follow the laws and customs of the country which accepts them. But as soon as they are numerous and organized they become aggressive and they seek to impose their laws, which are hostile to European civilization. Examples are abundant. Soon they will take charge of our city councils, and will transform our churches into mosques. We will either have to become Moslem, leave the country or become their captives. This is in the profound nature of Islam. It is not I who am racist in denouncing this very racism.

The pretended defamation is only the statement of obvious facts. Kidnapping of white girls is well known to the police and it still exists today. It is not defamation to denounce the kidnappers of our compatriots. It is to call upon justice and demand the protection of our fellow citizens. If you prevent us from crying out against the nefarious consequences of Islam’s penetration of France and Europe, you render yourselves accomplices to the violence committed in the name of the Koran by Islam in our Christian countries. It is they who have undertaken this procedure against us, a procedure which truly shows the fundamental racism of Islam against the French, against the Jews and against every religion which is not Moslem.

It is not I who am racist because I denounce racism. I lived all my life in the midst of other races ‑ thirty years in Africa, among animists and Moslems. There I strove to bring them both spiritual and material goods ‑ schools, hospitals, etc. They showed their gratitude in decorating me as Officer of the Equatorial Star of Gabon and Grand Officer of the National Order of Senegal, and the French government recognized my overseas services by making me Officer of the Legion of Honor.

To condemn me as a racist because I seek to protect my country which is menaced in its very existence and Christian traditions... this would be to use justice for injustice. This would be the justice at the service of executioners whose victims have at most the right to keep quiet and to perish. This would be the summit of injustice.

† Marcel Lefebvre


May 12, 1990

Photo Gallery: Camino de Santiago - 4/10/19

Vox Catholica

Santiago de Compostela

We woke up to a cold but beautiful, sunny day in Santiago de Compostela. In the morning, we returned to the Cathedral for an official guided tour and for more time to pray before the relics of St. James the Apostle. Afterwards, we visited the Convent of San Martino Pinario and its beautiful Museum of Religious Art. We enjoyed a free afternoon and met up again for a farewell dinner at the hotel to celebrate the end of such an amazing pilgrimage!

- A Pilgrim